Why I Joined a Mastermind & Why You Should Consider It

I have always known I was meant for a bigger purpose - I know that sounds egotistical but sometimes you just know. In your heart, and deep within your gut that you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing. The trouble was I had no idea what my “bigger purpose” was.

I started my soul searching journey by going to business conferences to try to the learn the basics of running a business on my own, yet from a social aspect. I wasn’t just interested in the numbers and the how’s - I was searching for my why. I was searching to find other people that were dreaming bigger than me. I was searching for inspiration to tackle this yearning that I had to do more.

One of the first conferences I attended ended up taking me to Calgary (what better excuse to fly halfway across the country to visit friends than for a “work” trip)! I knew it was a leap, but I knew I had to be there. This was the first time I was introduced to Masterminds.

My mind was blown! I enrolled in their course learning to facilitate Masterminds and have since joined a different Mastermind to gain first hand experience at how powerful it can be.

So why? Why join a Mastermind? Because:

  • It will connect you with people dreaming big and pursuing their goals

  • It will normalize the ups and downs of entrepreneurship

  • It will give you the accountability of staying on track and sticking to your goals, giving you week by week steps to keep going towards the bigger picture

  • And most importantly, It will give you a safe space to share your worries, and to celebrate your wins!

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