Are You Limiting Your Dreams?

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved turtles. They are so elegant, and beautiful. Graceful in their movement (well maybe not snapping turtles - but most turtles!), and poetic in their meaning. The symbol of the turtle represents good health and longevity - and their shell represents perseverance and protection. Beautiful.

You know what else I love about turtles? They will only grow as big as their environment allows. Much like you and I. Emotionally, spiritually, radically.

Our dreams can only be as big as our environment allows.

Let me repeat.
Your dreams can only be as big as your environment allows.

How big is the container that you hold your most sacred dreams in? Has your heart and mind expanded beyond your current situation? Do you have a dream bigger than your current state of reality allow you to pursue?
Sometimes, we come up against people and places that will limit our beliefs in ourselves, and that's okay. They are often tests to see how badly you really want it, whether it's worth the resistance to get. But if you stay stuck in that resistance, whether it be a job that is mind-numbing and leaves you exhausted, a relationship that is constantly keeping you small, or friends that can't relate to your dreams. It's time to change up your environment.
Find people that inspire you to keep going towards that dream, find places that allow you to expand your thoughts, your mindset, your spirituality. Go within yourself to allow your soul to expand beyond your human body. Get so confident in your dream that the container no longer matters!