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The Maven Project will inspire & empower you to create a fulfilled life through community & collaboration.

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How We Came To Be


The Maven Project was founded in 2017 by Ruth Montgomery, after a soul-searching journey of her own. She developed this initiative in hopes of bringing awareness to the importance of personal development to small town Ontario, Canada.

Each event showcases some of the wonderfully talented mavens in the area – and will continue to do so while allowing like-minded women to connect and collaborate with each other. Personal development is key to living a fulfilled life, and with a passion for dreaming big, Ruth hopes to share this mindset with everyone she meets.

We need to give ourselves the time to focus on personal development by surrounding ourselves with like-minded people who can push us to dream big and encourage our growth.
— Ruth Montgomery

What We're Made Of

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The 4 Pillars of a Balanced Life


When we align these elements within ourselves, we are given the abilities needed to influence our daily lives. Our workshops, events and retreats are all grounded by these 4 pillars.

Health: We need the proper nutrition & activities to fuel our body, and allow us to function.

Wellness: We need to prioritize self-care & creativity to maintain our overall mental health and happiness.

Business: We need money to get by in this world – why not earn it doing something you love? 

Philanthropy: This is the desire to promote the welfare of others by giving back - no matter how big or small of an act it is, we love doing good. 


Our passion is to provide you with the opportunity to find your balance in all areas of your life when you immerse yourself in The Maven Project.


maven (n)

An expert in their field

who seeks to pass knowledge

onto others.


Who We Are



Ruth Montgomery

The Maven Project was Founded by Ruth Montgomery. She was born and raised in Lucknow, Ontario, but has always had a passion for travel. Throughout the years she has lived in Switzerland, Australia & the Bahamas. However, she has always called Lucknow, Ontario home.

In early 2017 she ventured into the lonely world of Entrepreneurship as an Interior Designer and Professional Organizer. Through her own personal development and soul-seeking journey to create a fulfilled life she realized there was a void in South Western Ontario. Her search to find her purpose led her to creating the Maven Project; a project focusing on bringing like-minded individuals together to grow, learn and collaborate by sharing their areas of expertise with others.